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Yes, SmugMug does have an Android app, and it can be found in the Google Play Store. The app works flawlessly on Android devices without needing to display your photos in Chrome.

The app also supports Amazon Fire TV and the ability to cast photos and videos to your TV with Chromecast.

Note: A third-party app for Roku is available here. This app comes as is and was not developed by SmugMug, so we can't guarantee its compatibility or functionality. Please contact the individual app developer for support.

Log in

The first time you open the app, we'll ask if you want to log in. If you want to browse your friends' photos without logging in, tap the Find Them link to search for them. And if you don't have an account but want one, you can sign up for SmugMug right in the app! Tap "Start your free 14-day test run" to get your own photo-sharing hub.

You can always log in later by tapping the home screen and in the lower left corner. Logging in allows you to skip entering your viewing passwords, your unlisted galleries, and to view photos that have been privately shared with you.

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You can view any SmugMug account and "bookmark" it on your Following screen: yours, your friends, or your favorites. Hit the little headshot icon in the lower right to go to your Following screen, then tap Find People:

Enter the nickname of the Smugger you'd like to view. If it's a match, we'll place an icon with their Bio photo on your Following screen.


Made a mistake? Tap Edit in the right corner. Then tap the X on the person you want to be removed from your home screen.


Add as many accounts as you like simply by tapping Add! Click the thumbnail with your friend’s name it to view all folders or galleries accessible by Everyone (public) on their site. Tap any folder to explore it.

Within a gallery, swipe up or down to navigate photos in the gallery. Tap any thumbnail to view it as large as your device allows, or as large as the photographer has permitted in their gallery settings.

Note: If a gallery is set with a viewing password, you must enter it to be able to see the photos inside it. Logging in will bypass this prompt because we know they're your own photos.

If anyone has privately shared photos with you, you’ll see an extra navigation icon next to your home button. Tap this photo icon to view these privately shared galleries on your Shared with Me screen.

Guest Accounts will see this Shared with Me icon and screen instead of a Home button.

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You can upload everything from your mobile devices to your SmugMug galleries right through the app! (You can also upload to SmugMug from your Photos and other apps. Check it out!)

To get started, click the upload cloud icon in the upper right.

Select the folder you want to upload from in your camera roll, then tap the photos you want to upload. Once you’ve selected everything, tap Next.


Select the correct gallery you want to upload your images to by tapping it once (or create a new gallery by tapping New in the upper right)., then tap the Upload button that appears to start your upload.

A progress bar will appear on your screen. If you choose to continue browsing while everything uploads in the background, an upload indicator icon will appear in the top right of your screen to show how many photos remain to be uploaded.

Tip: Want your mobile photos to automatically upload to SmugMug in the background? You can enable this through the app's settings (see below for the full details).

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Upload from other apps

Upload photos from your photo gallery and other apps directly to SmugMug!

  1. Launch your photo gallery.
  2. Select the photo(s) you want to upload.
  3. Tap the share icon. 

  4. Scroll until you see “SmugMug” and tap it.

  5. You’ll be taken to the SmugMug app’s uploader to finish your upload!

Repeat the above process within other apps to upload from them directly to your SmugMug galleries. Note that each app might share a bit differently—for example, having a Send to App option instead of the share icon.

Note: The original app’s developer must allow SmugMug in order for it to appear in the sharing options. If you don’t see SmugMug in the list, contact the developer of the app you’re using to request they add it.

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View galleries offline

Want to be able to show off your portfolio on the go? Or share those family photos when you aren't near Wi-Fi? Now you can mark any gallery for viewing offline, so the galleries you select will always be available.

To make a gallery available offline, navigate to the gallery by tapping on the gallery name. Near the top, you'll see a download icon. Tap the icon to enable offline viewing.

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Save and share

In addition to viewing galleries while offline, you can also share galleries and photos (if you're the owner and are signed in) to Twitter, Facebook, and more through the app.

To share, navigate to the gallery or photo you want to share, then tap the share icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select the sharing option you want to use and follow the onscreen instructions.


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Watch videos

Movies are right in your hands. Tap the Play button to load the video, and while it's playing, tap again to bring up the timeline where you can fast forward, rewind, or pause.


You can return to the gallery by tapping anywhere in the window to bring up the top menu bar and tapping the back arrow.

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About the menu bar

You can play a full-screen slideshow on your phone for any folder or gallery by tapping the three-dot menu expander icon at the top right of your screen and selecting Slideshow.

To add any SmugMug site, folder, or gallery to your favorites, tap the star icon. This will save it to your app's Favorites screen.

Tap the star icon again to remove a favorite.

To see if you have download rights, navigate to a photo or video you want to save and tap the three-dot menu expander icon. You'll see an option to Save to Device if you're logged in and have download rights.

If you click Info in the above menu, you’ll be able to see detailed information about how the photo was captured by the photographer.

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Your Android app settings allow you to enable auto-uploading so any time you take a new photo on your phone, it uploads to your SmugMug account. To enable this feature, tap the gear icon to enter the SmugMug app’s settings, then tap Auto Upload.

All photos you take after enabling this feature will automatically upload to your SmugMug account. Any photos taken before turning on Auto Upload won’t be included.


Select the SmugMug gallery you want your mobile photos uploaded to, tap the Select button, and rest easy knowing all your photos will be uploaded to your SmugMug site.

Note: Galleries can hold up to 5,000 photos. If you get close to filling up a gallery to its max, we’ll alert you so you can start a new gallery for continued auto uploading.

If your Android phone supports SD cards, you can change the SmugMug app’s download location to the SD card. To do this in the app’s settings, tap Storage Location and then SD Card.


In your Android phone’s settings, you can set Android Daydream, the interactive screensaver mode, to display photos from a SmugMug gallery. You’ll find this under the Display portion of your phone’s settings menu.

Tap Daydream to turn the feature on, then select SmugMug for the source. Tap the gear icon to choose either all your SmugMug galleries or just one gallery.


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