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Content blocks are building blocks for your site. To add a content block to any page, drag it from the Customize drawer and drop it onto your page.

When you drag a new content block onto your page, a hover guide will appear to help you know where the block can be dropped: above, below, left, or right of any existing content.

You'll be able to fine-tune the position of the container on the page after you add it. There are ten different types of content available to you:




These page elements help display your galleries, folders, and pages on your site.

  • Galleries: Display certain galleries or all galleries.
  • Folders: Display particular folders.
  • Folders, Galleries, and Pages: Display all types of content levels together.
  • Pages: Display certain pages.


  • Single Photo: Add a block that contains a single image to any page, gallery, or folder.
  • Multiple Photos: Add a block that contains more than one image to any page, gallery, or folder. (Note: If you select the "Photos I Choose" option, photos will appear in the order you select them. To change the order, you'll need to change the setting to "Selected" and then deselect and reselect as needed to reorder the images.)
  • Slideshow: Add a slideshow to any page, gallery, or folder.
  • Carousel: Add a photo carousel to any page, gallery, or folder.


These page elements help your visitors move around and search your site.

  • Menu: Build a navigation bar with links to other pages on your site, as well as to any external sites you'd like your viewers to visit (e.g., a blog).
  • ​Breadcrumb: Add a breadcrumb to reveal the links between your homepage and the page being viewed.
  • Button: Add a custom button to your pages.
  • Featured Events (Pro): Feature an event on any page you create.


Embed video or YouTube content onto any page on your SmugMug site. (Vimeo embedding is available for Power-level accounts and higher.)


  • Logo: Include your logo anywhere on your SmugMug site to brand your pages.
  • Separator: Add page separators to your site to help guide viewers' eyes.
  • Spacer: Add spacing between content blocks to give your content more breathing room.


  • Add text, including titles and descriptions, to your page—WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text.
  • Title: If you add a Title content block to the All Folders or All Galleries section and leave the title blank, the Title block will display Folder/Gallery titles automatically.


  • Profile: Your personal or professional profile. You can use this to create an About Me page.
  • Social Icons: Link to your social media sites.
  • Share Buttons: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ share buttons allow your viewers to easily share specific images or gallery pages from your site to their own social media networks.
  • Comments: Invite comments from fans. you can use a comment block to create a guest book page.
  • Feed: Feeds from external websites. Pull your most recent blog posts onto a page on your SmugMug site.
  • Google+ Badge: Add your Google+ Badge to your site so visitors can interact with you in social media.


Help your visitors find the photos they're looking for with ease.

  • Search Box: Add a search box to any folder, gallery, or page.
  • Keyword Cloud: Create a clickable cloud of your keywords your visitors can use to navigate based on their interests.
  • Map: Add a map to any folder, gallery, or page to show where your photos were taken if you've entered location data for them.


Integrate your services from external providers into your SmugMug site

  • Google Calendar: Add a Google Calendar to any folder, gallery, or page to help your clients find an available booking date.
  • Google Translate: Add a drop-down menu to your site that allows your visitors to select what language they prefer to browse in. Your entire site will be translated to the language they choose!
  • Wufoo Form: Add a custom WuFoo form to make it easier for your visitors to provide the information you need.
  • AdSense: Have a Google AdSense account? Insert your ads on any folder, gallery, or page.


For when you want advanced control over the look of your site or page.

  • CSS: Drag the CSS app onto a page to specify a particular style for that page.
  • HTML: Drag the HTML app onto a page to specify your design via HTML and CSS.

Every content block can be edited after adding it to the page. The tools menu will pop open on the top left if you hover your mouse over the content block. This allows you to edit as well as delete that content.

Alternatively, some content blocks can be edited globally. To access them, browse to one of your galleries and open the Customizer. You’ll see the global settings in the Content tab beneath the “On All Galleries” heading: Gallery, Lightbox, and Breadcrumb.

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