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Make your homepage can stand out from the crowd! You've got full control over each and every inch, even when you've chosen to start with one of our designs.

Best part is it takes very little time to make your homepage truly yours.

To get started, click the Customize link in the header on any page while logged in. 

The Content and Design link will open the following page, and from here you'll choose "Homepage."

You'll see the usual suspects for our design elements: Content, Theme, and Layout.

Drag and drop Content Blocks onto your page. You'll know where you can drop them because a green box will appear:

Each Content Block can be edited for content and size. Click on the wrench symbol to access the tool set.

Use themes to change the colors and fonts on your homepage. Use layout to position your page elements.

Learn more about how customization works so you can personalize your site to your heart's content!

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