Protecting my images

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If you're concerned about copyright infringement and unauthorized printing, we have some preventive options to help!

Turn off printing

The Shopping Cart option determines whether or not the Buy/Add to Cart button appears on each gallery page.

To disable buying prints, go to your Gallery Settings > Shopping and toggle “Shopping Cart” to “Off.”

Turn off social sharing

This option removes the share function for your visitors. Disable it under Gallery Settings > Social > Social Sharing Options.

FYI: Once you've shared the image elsewhere, it can be shared by others.

Block access to originals (and larger display sizes)

A good print requires high resolution, and you can choose not to display your high-resolution original images and SmugMug's largest display sizes.

When your admirers order prints through SmugMug, the high-resolution original is still sent to the printer.

In your Gallery Settings > Photo Protection tab, you can choose the largest size you'd like to display.

Non-seller account users can choose to display images down to SmugMug's XLarge size. Seller account subscribers can choose to display images at SmugMug's medium size.

Enable right-click protection

All subscribers except Basic account holders can foil right-clicking on their photos on a gallery-by-gallery basis. You can find the Right-Click Protected option in Gallery Settings > Photo Protection.

It still allows the user to right-click, save as... (after they see a copyright notice dialog), but the image that gets saved is blank.

FYI: SmugMug's right-click protection does not protect an image in non-gallery places such as forums, blogs, or Share emails.

Right-click protection is a deterrent for image theft, but it shouldn't be considered foolproof. To truly protect your images, lock galleries with a password or apply a watermark and disable your originals.

Watermark your images

Seller Accounts: Use a watermark. Place a custom watermark on the display copies of any image that's larger than 800 pixels on one side. Enable watermarks under Gallery Settings > Photo Protection.

As a logged-in account owner, or assistant, you'll always be able to save your original, high-resolution, unwatermarked images to your computer.

Watermarks will not appear on prints ordered through SmugMug.

You must block access to your originals (see above) to make watermarking effective because originals are not watermarked.

Disable downloads

Seller Accounts: This option is disabled by default when creating a new gallery. If you previously offered downloadable galleries, follow the steps below to disable this option.

Basic and Power accounts have this option enabled by default.

In your Gallery Settings > Photo Protection tab, turn the Download Buttons option “Off.”

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