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To create a personal profile, start by clicking the Me icon in your header toolbar and selecting Edit Profile.

This opens an overlay with two tabs where you'll enter your information.

Make it about you

In the About Me tab you can add your name, name your site, add your contact email address, select a profile photo, cover photo, and more.

Choose your profile photo from the images you've uploaded to your site. Once you select a profile photo, that will show instead of the headshot outline icon in your header toolbar.


If you choose to add a cover (background) photo, it will appear behind the text you add to the description box. It has a 1:3 aspect ratio.

Use the Description box to tell a nice story about yourself, your business, or whatever you want!

Get social

Select the Social tab to fill in links for all your social-media sites.

Once you've filled in everything you want, don't forget to save your changes!

Put yourself out there

Now when you Customize your site and select the Profile content block for a page, it will be filled with information you entered above. This content box can be added to your homepage for any plan type. If you have a Power plan or higher, you can add it to any page on your SmugMug site.

To do this, check out the full details in this article.

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