Change settings for multiple galleries at once

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Looking for a way to change settings in more than one gallery at a time? Use Bulk Gallery Settings.

Apply Bulk Gallery Settings

From the Organizer, select all the galleries you want to update. You can also select a folder or use the Select All button if you want to change every gallery within a folder.

Tip: If your folder also contains subfolders, your settings will apply to all the galleries within those subfolders, too. It doesn’t matter how deeply nested your folder structure is, settings will apply to all galleries within!

Once you have everything you want selected, click the Settings button.

You'll see the familiar tabs from the individual gallery settings overlay. To change settings in bulk, select the checkbox next to the setting you want to change.

If you have only a folder selected, you’ll see an extra dropdown when you click the Settings button. You’ll be able to choose to change the folder’s settings, or to change settings for every gallery within that folder, all the way down, no matter now deeply nested the galleries might be.

You can even use this nifty feature to change the settings for all the galleries on your site at once! Follow the steps above and select your site name at the top of the Organizer tree instead of a folder or gallery. (It’ll have the little headshot icon next to it, like “Aaron Macarov” does in the above example.)

This article focuses only on Bulk Gallery Settings. For folder settings, check out this article.

What settings are included

Apply a description, keywords, and featured image for the selected galleries.

Security & sharing
It's possible to change password, sharing permissions, guest uploading, and search settings.

Photo protection
Change display size, right-click protection, and watermark settings.

Control social sharing and visitor comments on images.

Turn the shopping cart and color correction on or off. (If you don't see these settings, check that your account level includes shopping cart.)

If your account level allows, you can further personalize your shopping cart settings in bulk.

Set the viewing style, thumbnail, sort order, etc.

FYI: Applying bulk settings to an existing gallery or subfolder like this will not re-make thumbnails or re-watermark photos already in the gallery. Quick Settings cannot be applied in bulk settings.

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