Add a Wufoo form to my site

Updated -

Customers with Power-level accounts and higher can add a Wufoo form to their sites.

Note: Users who are still in trial won't have this feature available. Once you sign up for a paying account, you'll be able to add a WuFoo form to your site.

To start, go to and create your form. Once you've got your form all made, click the "Share" link for your form.

From the Permanent Link to Your Form section, copy the permanent URL for your form.

You'll probably want to add the form to a new page on your SmugMug site, or drop the form onto an existing page. Click Customize on the SmugMug page where you want your form to appear. Then drag the Wufoo content block (under Services) and drop it in the area where you want your form to appear.

Click the wrench icon in the Wufoo content block and paste the Wufoo permanant URL you previously copied into the Wufoo Shortlink URL field.  

Don't forget to click Done and Publish once you've got everything where you want it.

Once you add the form to your page, you may find the default Wufoo theme conflicts with your SmugMug site colors. To change the form, use the Wufoo Theme Designer to change the fonts and colors. 

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