Use Google AdSense with SmugMug

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Follow the steps below to get your AdSense set up quickly.

If you haven't already, sign up for an AdSense account: //

Use the URL for your public SmugMug account in the "I will show ads on" field.  Google will do a manual review of your site to determine if you are eligible for the program.

Once your account is reviewed and approved by Google you can proceed to the next step.  

Create an ad on Google. Add the AdSense content block to your SmugMug site and copy the information from Google to the content block. 

Find your Publisher ID under Settings (the gear icon in the upper right) > Account Information.

The rest of the information can be found on your ad units page.

Google Ad Sizes
  1. Only a single Half Page ad is allowed per page.
  2. Responsive ad units can be sized via CSS, for example, using media queries to target specific device viewport sizes. Responsive ad units will require you to select a default size, which will apply in the general case, and then you will toggle the "Responsive For Mobile" option on and we'll force the ad to a Mobile Leaderboard size when viewed on a phone.
Important Notes about Responsive Ads: 
  • Responsive ads are a beta feature on AdSense.   
  • An ad unit configured as "responsive" on the AdSense side *must* be marked responsive on mobile in the content block settings in order to guarantee that it will work correctly.  
  • If you have a responsive ad unit and choose an ad link size in our editor, it won't work. 
  • Likewise, if a responsive ad unit is NOT marked as responsive on our end, BUT a non-link unit size is chosen, it will probably work but it won't act responsively.
For more details about Google AdSense, please see the Google AdSense help page

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