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One of the web’s most popular online payment options is now available by default in the SmugMug shopping cart. So you don’t need to get up, hunt for your wallet, and pull out your credit card just to place an order.

How Does It Work?

Once you add prints and products to your shopping cart and begin the checkout process, you’ll see the option to pay via PayPal in addition to the traditional credit card method. Click the new yellow button and we’ll send you over to PayPal to log in and confirm your purchase.

PayPal will send you back to your SmugMug shopping cart so you can select a shipping method and complete the sale.

The PayPal button appears in the SmugMug shopping cart across all SmugMug account types, and for all fans and clients who buy prints from your site. No action needed on your part.


Q: I’m a Pro who offers Coupons. Can my clients use them when they pay with PayPal?
Yes! If you’ve created Coupons on your SmugMug site, then your clients can enter coupons during checkout as usual. The PayPal total will reflect their discount.

Q: Does this mean I can pay for my SmugMug subscription with PayPal, too?
It doesn’t, unfortunately. But we love this idea! If this is something you’d like to see—or if you have any other ideas or feedback—please submit them on our feedback forum. This way our Product Development team can see them and take them into consideration.

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