Customize the "Buy" button's appearance

Updated -

You can tweak the skin, style, and size of your buy button by opening your customization menu while browsing one of your galleries. Go to Customize > Customize Content and Design and select All Galleries in the customization drawer.

Hover over the gallery-area content block until the settings option appears, and click on the wrench to open the Gallery Styles menu.

Tip: This hack is only for your galleries, not for content blocks! So make sure you start in a gallery on your site.

From there, click on your chosen gallery style to open its options. In this example, we're using Collage Landscape as our default gallery style in the drop-down menu, so we click Collage Landscape in the list below it.

Adjust the "Buy Button" options by selecting what you want from the drop-down choices.

Gotcha: You can only specify your Buy Photo button’s settings in the Thumbnail, Collage Landscape, and Collage Portrait styles.

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