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You can publish your SmugMug photos directly to your Facebook albums and easily share your best work with friends, fans, and family!

How To

While logged in, click Organize to go to your organizer. Select the photos you want to publish to Facebook, then click the Publish button. 

The Publish to Facebook menu will automatically open. If you've never logged in to Facebook through SmugMug before, you'll see a prompt to log in.

Once you log in, you'll need to authorize SmugMug to be able to post to your Facebook account.

After you've authorized SmugMug, you'll see the options menu again. Here you can select where you want to upload your photos and if you want to create a new album or add the images to an existing one. Play with all the options to find out what you like best!

You can choose up to 1,000 images from your SmugMug gallery to publish. For big batches like that, we'll publish in the background. You can keep browsing, sharing, or publish more galleries while you wait.

We'll send you an email once your album has published. Then you can check out your Facebook page albums and admire your newly added photos!

Safe and Secure

Even though you're posting photos to an external site, there are still a few ways you'll be sure your photos are safe.

  • You can set the maximum image size. This way people can't print the images you post to Facebook. What are those sizes?

  • You can also choose whether or not you want your captions to be included when you publish.

If you're a seller account user, we'll automatically include any watermarks you've applied to your photos so they stay protected.

FYI: Remember that Right-Click Protection only protects photos viewed directly in your SmugMug galleries. Watermark them or limit your display sizes to protect photos you post outside of SmugMug, like to blogs, forums and when publishing to Facebook.

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