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We've got a great chat system that's instant gratification for your help questions. If you have a Portfolio or Business level plan, you'll find chat in the top-right corner of your SmugMug account. Click the question-mark "?" icon to expand the help menu:

Click Chat with a Hero and a chat window will open within your browser window in the bottom-left corner.

Chat is perfect for quick issues and questions that we can answer on the fly. Make sure you have important info like order numbers, links, and your account’s email address ready when you talk to us.

When to Ping Us in Chat
  • Where's my order?
  • Account info or renewals
  • Help on features: watermarks, pricing, uploading, etc.
  • etc.

When to Send Us an Email

  • Customization help
  • Really gnarly questions that require a bit more in-depth info
  • etc.

No Chat?

Chat is available from 9 am–8 pm ET, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

But no worries! We answer emails year-round, around the clock, so just send us an email the usual way and we'll reply ASAP.

Note: We automatically disable chat on small-screen devices.

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