Choose favorite photos from an event

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If your photographer shared an Event link with you, you should see some familiar photos on one handy page. 

As you browse those galleries, you might see a heart underneath each photo. If so, you can click that to tag the photo as one of your Favorites. We'll place a copy of it in a separate gallery, just for you and your photographer to see. You can always click it again to undo your selection if you change your mind.

To view your selections, click on the View My Favorites icon underneath any photo (looks like a stack of photos), or go back to the main event page and click on the View My Favorites link at the top.

Voila! Sorting made easy.

You can also browse your Events and pick your Favorites on your mobile device!

If you've got a question for your photographer, just hit the Contact My Pro link to drop them a note.

Tell your friends

Proud of your event and want to share it with others? We provide a Share Event option at the top where you can quickly grab a link to the page.

Your friends will see all the stunning galleries and can browse and buy to their hearts' content. They won't be able to view your Favorites, but your photographer may allow them to register and tag their own.

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