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Love photos? SmugMug's got four different plans to help you launch your own beautiful website, no matter what you shoot.

Account plans

Each plan lets you upload as many photos as you want, so you never have to choose which memories you love most. You also get gorgeous and fast display of your images, control over viewing sizes and gallery styles, tools for SEO, customizable privacy features, and automatic backups.

But there's tons more! Here's a summary of what you can do at each level:


Showcase and share your photos in a beautiful, ad-free environment. 

  • Perfect for moms, dads, grandfolks, students: anyone who wants their own safe, unlimited website to archive, share, and organize their photos and videos.


Control the branding on your site.

  • Perfect for photographers looking to change the look and feel of their website, snag their own custom URL, and share/archive video clips. 

Connie Anderson credits SmugMug with making her shots look equally striking on her site, monitor, and in print: “It’s a consistency that I appreciate—SmugMug is so focused on the look, the best quality, the best sharpness you can get.” Citing image display as one of her most-used features, Anderson points out that you save time using galleries for proofing. “The ability to view them in the larger size is extremely helpful.”


Add image protection with watermarking, access our Pro print labs, and price and sell at a profit. 

  • Perfect for up-and-coming pros wanting a fully branded website and basic commerce features. 


Access to full commerce tools and site-wide branding—the complete storefront solution for a photography studio. 

  • Perfect for pro photographers looking for a one-stop shop to archive, market, proof, price, and sell their photos. 

Monica was thrilled to learn that not only could SmugMug serve her print fulfillment needs through Bay Photo, but that it could be her complete website solution. SmugMug provided Studio KYK with a fully customizable and brandable website, an image-archiving service, a shopping cart, and centralized print fulfillment. SmugMug’s shopping cart handles all aspects of print order fulfillment, from payment collection to customer satisfaction. Studio KYK

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