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Welcome to your beautiful new site! We want you to feel right at home and make your galleries truly yours, so we’ve put together this quick walk-through to help you get started.

Before You Begin

When you start your free 14-day trial, you’ve got access to every single feature SmugMug has to offer. You may see some features that won’t be available later when you sign up for a full account, because not all features are available at all plan levels.

You can always find your most important features at the top of your page when you’re logged in: Upload, Organize, Customize, and Sell.

On the top right, you’ll see a blank profile image. Click it any time to access your account details, like your profile and billing information.

It’s a good idea to fill out your Profile info with a little about yourself and your favorite social-media links so visitors to your site can learn more about you. You can also upload a profile photo, which will replace the blank silhouette icon and personalize your site a little more.

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Upload Your Photos

How do I upload?
Blue “helpies” like the one below will guide you where to click.

Upload photos

You can upload as many or as few photos as you like to get started, but a handful will give you a good idea of how your site design works with your photos. And you can upload several images at once! Learn more about uploading photos (and videos!).

Tip: If you use Lightroom, try our totally free Publish-to-SmugMug plugin. It lets you sync your online galleries with your LR catalog, publish photos directly from Lightroom, and more.

What can I upload?
You can upload an unlimited number of JPEG, GIF, and PNG files up 150 megabytes and 210 megapixels in size and videos up to 20 minutes long and 3 GB in size.

Is there a way to organize my photos and videos?
Yes! Your photos live in galleries you create, and you can organize your galleries into folders, just like you might do on your hard drive. Each folder can contain up to 5,000 galleries!

Additionally, you can create a folder inside another folder, so that everything you shoot is neat, organized, and can be sorted in whatever ways works best for you.

Check out more about our Organizer, which allows you to drag and drop your photos, galleries, and folders for perfect sorting.

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Choose Who Can Admire Your Photos

Are there any privacy options?
Privacy is a big deal to us, so no matter who you want seeing your photos, we’ve got you covered.

You have three layers of Visibility:

  • Everyone (Public): If a gallery or folder is displayed somewhere on your site, anyone can view it. If you want search engines like Google to find your photos, use this setting.
  • Anyone with the Link (Unlisted): Only people who have a direct link can see the gallery or folder.
  • Only Me (Private): This gallery or folder is visible ONLY to you, the logged-in owner. No matter what.

And additional layers of Access:

  • Anyone: Anyone can see the content within a gallery, folder, or page.
  • Anyone with the Link: Only people who have a direct link can see the content within a gallery, folder, or page.
  • People with Password: This option can be applied as an additional security measure to Public or Unlisted items. Only those who enter the proper password can see the contents. We won’t ask you for it when you’re logged in as the owner, so you can browse your site quickly.
  • People I Choose: Only people you’ve sent special invitations to will be able to see the content within a gallery, folder, or page. Learn more about Private Sharing.

Setting privacy settings to a folder will automatically apply that setting to all the content inside of it—unless you specify otherwise.

Tip: Want to work on your site without the world watching? Set a site-wide password or make your entire site invite-only for a complete blanket of privacy. Just remember to remove it when you’re ready to go public!

How do I set the privacy for my site, gallery, folder, or page?
You can set privacy when first creating a gallery, folder, or page, and you can change that setting any time through the Organizer, or through gallery/folder/page settings. Check out this in-depth article for the full how-to.

What security features are available?
You get tons of photo-protection features built in to your SmugMug galleries, and we recommend you use them all to keep your photos safe from right-clicking, screen grabbing, and more. Read more about these features.

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Customize Your Site

Is there a way to change my design?
There certainly is! To start playing with our powerful customization tools, click Customize in your header toolbar. Choose Content and Design to keep your base design but tweak theme, colors, and layout, or select Choose a New Site Design to start fresh with a new background template.

You can choose a new design any time, make changes to it, save it, and then swap between saved designs with a click. It’s a simple way to give your site a whole new look and feel…and you don’t have to move your photos.

Can I make my homepage more unique?
Make your homepage shine with our Customizer and variety of content blocks. Change themes, colors, fonts, and more. Add a slideshow, change the background, add some navigation—the possibilities are nearly endless. Basic plan users, check out this article for more info. Power or higher plan users, we’ve got a great article for you over here.

Can I create more pages, like About or Contact?
If you’re a Power plan or higher user, you can add as many pages as you like. This article has all the details and how-to.

Basic plan users, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to use the pages feature.

Can I use my own URL?
Power, Portfolio, and Business users can buy and hook up their own custom domain.

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Make Yourself Known

How can people find my site?
We’ve got tons of info about how to get the word out about your new site and be sure you snag the right visitors.

I want to show up when people Google for “Miami sports photographer.”
Take a look at our SEO guide to see how to choose good keywords, where to use them on your site, and lots more to get traffic flowing.

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Go Pro! Brand and Sell

Ready to take things to the next level? These features will help Portfolio and Business plan users complete their site set-up and hit the ground running for sales.

Where do I add my brand?
The simplest way is to use set up your Profile and add your name, contact email address. social links, and a short intro about your business. You can also add your logo via a logo content block using the SmugMug customization tools.

How do I set my own prices for prints, gifts, and downloads?
Visit your Seller tab in your header toolbar to set up your first Pricelist. Once you’ve added products you want to sell and save your pricing, it’ll apply to every gallery on your site.

How much do I keep?
You keep 85% of the profit you earn on every sale.

How will I get paid?
Electronically via direct deposit (PayPal for those not in the USA). You’ll need to visit your Account Settings and fill out your Tax and Payment info so we know who you are. We’ll automatically include you in our monthly payment if you have more than $500 in unpaid profits by the end of a month, or you can choose to be included even if you have less than the $500 threshold. Alternatively, you can opt to have us withhold payments until you tell us otherwise. Learn all about getting paid.

Can I sell to people outside the US?
Of course! Our print labs ship anywhere in the world. We currently have labs in the US and Europe, and your customers can buy in one of the planet’s top 5 currencies.

Can I customize the delivery box?
Pros can include a Thank You print with each order, add Stickers, and customize the return address label. Read more about Order Branding.

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