Upload from Photoshop CS3 Bridge

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Uploading from CS3 Bridge is a snap. You can use the Uploader on SmugMug itself, and drag JPGs directly from Bridge to the uploader.  Or you can upload directly from within Bridge.

Note: Uploading from Bridge CS4, CS5, and CS6 is not supported.

First, open CS3 Bridge. Then Click Tools > Photoshop Services > Automatically check for services


If you don't see the Photoshop Services option, open your Bridge CS3 Preferences, then highlight "Startup Scripts."  You should see a checkbox that says "Photoshop Services."  Check this box, click Ok, then restart Bridge.

After that's complete, you should see SmugMug under Tools > Photoshop Services > Online Portfolios and Galleries > Publish Photos with SmugMug.

Highlight the photo or photos you want top upload in Bridge, then click Publish Photos with SmugMug.

You'll get a login screen:

Log in, and you should see your galleries. You can choose to upload to an existing gallery or make a new one.

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