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Canvas Prints are available in tons of sizes, either rolled or mounted on a ready-to-hang frames. If you choose the Mounted Canvas, be aware that part of the image will "wrap" around the wooden frame, so keep an eye on your cropping margins so you don't lose heads, feet, etc., like this:


Specs and examples follow to make sure you get the best canvas prints possible, but if you have any doubts, just email us!

For Mounted Canvas, your photo is printed on a larger piece of canvas to allow it to cover the sides.

Example: If you're using EZ Prints as your print lab, you'll want to allow for an extra 1.75" on each side of your photo. So an 8x10 wrapped canvas would actually print the image 11.5" by 13.5", and the outer 1.75" of each side will be wrapped around the frame and not visible in the front.

The sample image below was 2:3 to begin with, and the crop lines you see take it to 11.5:13.5. The blue section represents the section that wraps around the frame, so the remaining part of the image will be shown on the front of the canvas and will measure 8x10 inches. If you're using Bay Photo, the same concept applies, but you'll want to account for an extra 2.125" border on all sides.

TIP: Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a chart detailing our different print lab canvases.

The wrapping area will take up less of the image at larger canvas sizes. Here is a 16x20 mounted canvas preview. The crop lines show 19.5x23.5, then the blue border accounts for the 1.75" needed to wrap each side. More image is left showing on the front compared with the 8x10 because 1.75" is a smaller percentage of 20" than it is of 10".

For instructions on properly preparing your images for a mounted canvas, check out this tutorial.

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