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Photo buttons are a cute way to show off your favorite photos! You can purchase 3" or 4" buttons through EZ Prints, and you'll need to keep an eye on the trimming that occurs when printing either. You don't want to lose an important part of your photo in the printing process!

This product page has info on the buttons themselves, and here are some tips to help you anticipate the trimming that occurs.

In the shopping cart, we'll show the "trim area" in blue. We allow a quarter-inch of cushion on each edge to print the 3" or 4" buttons. What we don't show (sorry!) is a preview of the round shape of the final product. We've added that to this image to demonstrate it as a yellow overlay:

This image is well-suited to be made into a button, but many images are too closely cropped or contain text much too close to the edge. 

The final 3" button from this image would look much like this:

The larger your margins, the better chance you'll have of not losing an important part of your image!

If you are a photographer selling buttons, we highly recommend using the proof-delay feature.  It allows you to adjust cropping and completely replace an image as needed before orders begin processing. 

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