Panoramic prints

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If you have a seller account, you'll find panoramic prints available through our pro labs: Bay Photo, WHCC, and Loxley Colour. When buying a photo, select Panoramic Sizes to see the sizes available at your chosen lab.

To select the best aspect ratio for your panorama, keep an eye on the photo preview on the left-hand size. You'll see the crop marks change as you select different sizes. If you can't find the perfect crop right in the basket, select the closest option and then refine your crop selection during checkout.

What About Non-Seller Accounts?

Non-seller accounts have EZ Prints as their lab, and EZPrints doesn't currently offer Panoramic sizes. But don't let that stop you!

Some customers print on larger-sized papers (e.g., 24x36) and select "none" for the crop option during checkout.

Once they receive their print, they simply trim off the excess white.

Another option is to print "2-up" and save yourself some cash. Get two panoramas for the price of one!

This option takes a little bit of Photoshop knowledge, and we've got a great tutorial on how to get it done.

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