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SmugMuggers can upload stunning HD videos up to 20 minutes long in length and 3GB in size!

We recommend using Google Chrome to upload videos. (No Chrome? Get it now!)

No worries, 99% of the time we can convert from whatever you upload to the h.264 format that works on iPods, iPhones, AppleTV, PlayStations, and many other consumer devices.

But what comes off your camera could be bloated and take a long time to upload. So you might consider using a program like MPEG Streamclip or Quicktime Pro to convert to h.264 before uploading. (Step-by-step instructions here.)

Please give us a few minutes to process your video after we receive it. Check back later to ensure your video made it safely.

We don't keep a copy of the original video you upload. We make high-quality display copies, which are probably altered from what you send us.

Make jaws drop by adding videos up to 1920x1080p! Show the world your television-clear movies, just like you shot them.

We create web- and DVD-display sizes in case your fans can't view 1080p videos. This means they'll still be able to view it with small monitors or slower connections.

We also support 1280x720p and 960x540x30p. We store 1280x720 as well as 960x540 if the video is 1280x720 or above. If the video is between 960x540 and 1280x720, we just store the 960x540.

Preview Image
We'll pick a frame partway into your video to represent the video in your gallery, but if you'd prefer a different image to display, just replace it.

After adding the video to your site, navigate to it and then click the wrench button below it to open the photo tools menu. Then click Replace Preview.

Be sure to choose an image in JPG format from your computer that matches the dimensions of your video.

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