Set a sitewide password

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If you want to restrict access to your entire SmugMug site, you're in the right place. (If just certain galleries concern you, try this help article instead.)

When a password is set:

  1. A lock icon appears next to your name on your homepage.
  2. Your name, galleries, photos, and keywords are removed from SmugMug's sitewide search. This can take a few minutes.
  3. Your admirers will be asked for the site password on your homepage, folder, and gallery pages without passwords. If your admirers follow a link directly to a password-protected gallery, they'll be asked only for that gallery's password.

Set a Sitewide Password

You can set a sitewide password in the Privacy tab of your Account Settings. Under “Site Access,” select “People with Password” from the dropdown and then enter a password in the field for "Set Site Viewing Password."

Want to give a password hint? It's an option. Your admirers will see it when they're asked for the password.

You can also allow friends and family to skip the password. They'll have to be logged in to SmugMug for us to recognize them as your friend or family.

Set Private Sharing to Be Sitewide

You can also lock down your site using Private Sharing, allowing only those you invite to view your site. Set this up in the Privacy tab of your Account Settings. Under “Site Access,” select “People I Choose” from the dropdown and then enter the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite to view your photos.

Once you’ve entered all the people you’d like to invite, be sure to click “Save and Exit” in the header bar to send the invitations.

You can add more folks later or remove viewing rights. Type in additional email addresses to invite others, or revoke access by clicking the X next to an email address listed under “Has Access.”


Q: Hold on. I wasn't asked for a password.
You won't be if (a) you're logged in or (b) you entered the password in the last week on the same computer. It's to keep us from making sane people crazy by prompting for the password too often.

Q: How do I clear the password?
Just delete the password from the password field above.

Q: Does this foil Google?
Yes. Your name, bio, gallery names, etc., should not appear in Google's search unless you place them on non-SmugMug pages.

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