Charging state sales tax on print orders

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US-based subscribers who are required to collect state or local sales tax can include sales tax in their pro-priced print orders and wrap it into the order total.

Our sales tax tool allows you to choose a state, a tax rate, and specify whether digital content and shipping should be taxed. When you use this tool, any orders shipped to the state you specify will have the applicable sales tax included in the shopping cart.

Note: The states listed below are not included in the drop-down list because we already collect sales tax for you. Click here to see why.

SmugMug will remit the collected tax to you via direct deposit to your bank account a few times during the year, separate from your profit payment. See below for more details.

Please note that SmugMug does not assume responsibility for the management of sales tax that you collect. For our full disclaimer and terms, see below. You must accept these terms in your Account Settings in order to use this feature.

How It Works

Go to your Account Settings > Business > Getting Paid. You'll see your Sales Tax Tool information right here, which you can click to edit.

Note: You must have a Tax & Payment form on file with us before you can collect sales tax. More info.

Set sales tax

On the following page, click the check box at the top to first enable sales tax collection. Then simply indicate your state and fill out the percent sales tax rate you'd like to collect.

Sales tax settings

You can opt to tax not only print sales, but shipping fees and digital download orders, too. Again, please check with your local tax authorities for details on where and when this is required.

Depending on the amount you've accrued, we'll pay this out to you via the same method (but separate transaction) as you are paid your profits:

  • Monthly: If your tax amount withheld is over $25, we'll deposit it on the first business day after the 7th of the month.

  • Quarterly: (Jan, Apr, July, Oct) If your tax amount withheld is over $5, we'll deposit it the first business day after the 7th of the month.

We'll notify you by email a few days in advance so you know it's coming.

Keeping Track

You can view a summary of the sales tax that you've collected right in your Sales History. The general overview on the right will display the amount of tax we've collected since we last deposited collected tax into your bank account, as well as the overall total you've accrued.

To view the exact tax amounts for a specific sale, just click Order Details to Review the order.

Should I Be Collecting Tax, and How Much?

Pros in the states listed below need not collect tax using this feature, since SmugMug collects sales tax for all orders that are placed from and shipped to addresses in those states. That tax is then paid through SmugMug to the sales tax collection authority for the each of these states, so this amount is not shown in your Sales History.

When Did We Start Collecting Tax for Each State?

California - always
Idaho - February 1st, 2013
Illinois - October 5th, 2012
- February 1st, 2013
Massachusetts - September 15th, 2012
Michigan - July 1st, 2013
Minnesota - February 1st, 2013
New York - June 1, 2017
North Carolina - February 1st, 2013

Utah - February 1st, 2013
Virginia - February 1st, 2013

Missouri - Tax was collected from September 3rd, 2012, until January 31st, 2013. After February 1st, 2013, Missouri Pros are responsible for collecting sales tax and paying it to the state.

Texas - Tax was collected from September 1st, 2012, until March 31st, 2014. After April 1st, 2014, Texas Pros are responsible for collecting sales tax and paying it to the state.

Washington - Tax was collected from May 23rd, 2012, until December 31st, 2015. After January 1st, 2016, Washington Pros are responsible for collecting sales tax and paying it to the state.

For everything else, please consult your state's taxing authority, or your own personal tax advisor.

Additional Terms and Conditions for State Sales Tax Tool

As a courtesy to SmugMug's Professional subscribers, SmugMug is willing to serve as a conduit for your customers' payment of state and/or local tax funds as you may specify. SmugMug has no obligation, but is willing to do so as an accommodation to you until further notice. It is up to you to determine and specify the amounts of any tax the customer is obligated to pay or you are obligated to collect. You will be solely responsible for all obligations associated with any and all taxes in connection with your transactions, including the calculation, collection and payment of any taxes. SmugMug does not have, and does not undertake or accept, any obligation to collect taxes from your customers or remit them to any government. You acknowledge and confirm that the obligation, if any exists, to collect sales, use, or other taxes from your customers is your obligation, not SmugMug's; and the liability for taxes, penalties or interest, if there is any such liability, is that of you, not SmugMug. You agree to indemnify SmugMug and defend and hold it harmless for any claims (by a customer, government, or any other person or entity) related to sales, use, or other taxes in connection with your activities and transactions, including any asserted errors or omissions in calculating, collecting, remitting or paying taxes.

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