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Pros with Business-level accounts can create an assistant password for their account that is separate from their main account password.

Assistants can login using the account email address (or account usermame) and assistant password and do everything the account owner can do, with a few exceptions:

  • Assistants cannot access galleries, folders, or pages that are Private (Only Me).

  • Assistants cannot delete photos or galleries or replace photos.

  • Assistants can ONLY see the Stats tab of your Account Settings. Everything else is hidden.

  • Assistants cannot customize your site.

  • Assistants cannot use the credit card on the account to buy prints or Give the Gift of SmugMug.

  • Assistants see your pro pricing in the shopping cart. They cannot order prints "at-cost".

  • Assistants cannot request backups of your files.

You get one assistant password per account, and you can give it out to as many people as you like. It's the perfect solution for your busy photo business!

Tell me how to set an assistant password

To set an assistant password, you must be logged in. Go to the Privacy tab of your Account Settings and look for the Assistant Password section.

Setting an assistant password

Simply enter your assistant password, and you're done.

You cannot delete your assistant password entirely, but you're welcome to change it to something completely random so that nobody will be able to use it.

Note: Your assistant password must be different than your regular account password. When you're logged in as "assistant" you'll see "Assistant Homepage" at the top of the page, rather than "My Homepage".

Assistant password header

FYI: An assistant password allows assistants to change things on your SmugMug site. Because that indicates a certain level of trust, you might consider giving assistants a guest upload link instead.

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