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Restore deleted photo or video

Yes, it is possible for the Heroes to recover deleted items. Contact us with details as to which photo or video was deleted and we'll do our best to recover it for you.

Galleries missing from my folder pages

You've customized your site and suddenly you have no galleries listed on your folder pages. Don't fret! To get your galleries on the page, open the Customizer and click on "All Folders" in the list at th...

Organize your content

The Organizer is command central for your SmugMug site. This is the place to do all your creating, arranging, sorting, deleting, captioning, keywording—the list goes on! Settings Bulk tools Sort pho...

What are folders and hierarchy?

Your SmugMug website is composed of pages, which you can organize up to seven layers deep: SITE > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Gallery (or Page). Here's what that would look ...

Using the photo tools

You can find your photo tools in the Lightbox or when using SmugMug style for your galleries. Look under the feature image in SmugMug viewing style. On the left, you'll find the Share button along with th...

Search for photos by date

Looking for the photos you took last March? The Date page is for you! Add a Menu Content box to your site if you do not have one. Edit the Menu Content Settings using the wrench icon. Click the + button...

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