Create Gallery, Page, or Folder

Create a unique homepage

Make your homepage can stand out from the crowd! You've got full control over each and every inch, even when you've chosen to start with one of our designs. Best part is it takes very little time to make your ...

Create custom pages

Creating pages are a feature of Power and higher accounts. Basic users will need to upgrade to create pages. Pages are end points in the hierarchy, similar to galleries, but they don't require the addition o...

Create galleries based on keywords

Smart galleries put your photos where you want them. They automatically sniff out photos with a common trait and park copies of them wherever you wish. Tell them what you want to see, walk away, and let smart ...

Display a photo in multiple galleries

You can Collect a photo so it displays in multiple galleries at once! Use this to make portfolio galleries to show clients, or to make special albums for each of your grandkids. This feature is available t...

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