Edit Photos

Crop uploaded photos

Cropping can turn a good photo into a great one: Cropping for Printing You (and your visitors) can specify cropping in the shopping cart when you place an order. That means you can print the same...

Apply color effects to uploaded photos

Sunburned? Got that washed out look? Color effects to the rescue!the To use them, click wrench button under a photo, then click Open in Editor and Color Effects. Digital cameras very often produce ph...

Rotate photos after upload

Yep! To rotate photos, you must be logged in. Use the Tools Button and click Open in Editor, then Rotate. You'll see the following: Choose the direction you would like to rotate your selected...

Crop thumbnails

Tease and tantalize your fans so they can't resist clicking on your photos. Do it by zooming in on the most interesting part of your photo. When your visitors click on a thumbnail, they'll then see the rest of ...

Edit photos after upload

You can! Our built-in image editor allows you to title, caption, keyword, watermark, apply color effects, crop, rotate, and geotag your photos in one, convenient place. We've also integrated PicMonkey's editor...

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