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SmugMug takes your privacy very seriously. You can read our (very long and very legal) Official Privacy Policy, but we never spam and we don't give your personal information to people who do. However, you ...

Make my site findable by search engines

If you dream of seeing your name on page one of Google's search results for Salt Lake City wedding photography, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help it come true. Feeding Google SmugMug's Custom URL f...

Make my website completely private

If you dream of a secret retreat for your family, SmugMug's privacy settings are perfect for you. You can fill your site with photos, captions, and keywords without anyone knowing except the people you tell. W...

Set a sitewide password

If you want to restrict access to your entire SmugMug site, you're in the right place. (If just certain galleries concern you, try this help article instead.) When a password is set: A lock icon appears...

Allow assistant access to my account

Pros with Business-level accounts can create an assistant password for their account that is separate from their main account password. Assistants can login using the account email address (or nickname) and as...

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