Share with fellow SmugMug friends and family

If friends or family members also have SmugMug accounts, you can grant them special privileges. Here's how to do it: Make sure you're logged in. Go to your Account Settings > Privacy > Friends &...

Make my site SEO friendly

Do you Google yourself? Having your site show on Page 1 of search results is something we all wish to have. Search Engine Ranking is an ever-evolving, constantly changing, mystifyingly inexact science, but the ...

Help customers find my SmugMug site

We give you powerful tools to help you market your business. After all, your best photos do no good if nobody knows they exist. Be proactive and use these tips to help get the word out so more people can find ...

Use private sharing to create a Client Area

The Client Area takes our Private Sharing feature to the next level by consolidating the photos you’ve shared with a client in one easy-to-find location on your SmugMug website. No longer do they need to keep t...

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