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Get paid my profits

SmugMug will email you every time you make a sale. You can check your sales report in real time and see every detail of every pro sale you've made. You can find your sales history the Business tab in your Acco...

Charging state sales tax on print orders

US-based subscribers who are required to collect state or local sales tax can include sales tax in their pro-priced print orders and wrap it into the order total. Our sales tax tool allows you to choose a ...

Access my detailed sales information

Not sure how much business your business is doing? Download all the details you need to track your sales and profit by going to Account Settings > Business > Selling > Sales History > Manage. There...

Business license requirement

We don't require you to have a business license to start a SmugMug seller account. But we do recommend you check with your local tax or business advisor concerning your state and other local requirements.

VAT and you at SmugMug

VAT applies to everyone in the UK, whether you're registered or not. We've now made it easier to keep track of those charges. ___________________________________________________________________________________...

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