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Creating pages are a feature of Power and higher accounts. Basic users will need to upgrade to create pages.  

Pages are end points in the hierarchy, similar to galleries, but they don't require the addition of photos. They provide you with a blank slate using your site design settings to which you can add content, themes, or advanced customization to create a page that is truly unique to you.

Create and Customize a New Page

To create a page, go to your Organizer and clicks “+Create” in the header tools to the far left.

Open the Customize menu and select "Just This Page."


Pick and choose what you want to customize the page using Content, Themes, and Layout.

If you've saved any themes, they'll show up in the Themes tab, and you can pick one to use for your new page.

Create a Guestbook Page

To create a Guestbook page, you'll want to add the following content blocks:

  • Single Photo
  • Text
  • Comment Block

And you'll end up with this:

Even change up the theme for the page if you like!

Customize System Pages

You can also personalize pages typical to photography websites. To view yours, replace the “nickname” in the following links with your SmugMug nickname. (You won't find them listed in your Site Organizer since they can’t actually be organized.)

404 page

This is an error page that shows when people try to visit a page on your site that doesn’t exist.

See it:

Your fans may think they typed in a legitimate link. Don’t be afraid to drag and drop in a text box and type up something friendly that invites them to contact you.

Access Denied page

This is an error page that shows when people try to visit a gallery, folder, or page on your site that you haven't given them access to.

See it:

Client Area

This is a page for your clients to view photos you've shared privately with them.

See it:


Timeline view lets you search for photos taken within a specific date range.

See it:


Your keyword cloud shows you all the keywords you’ve entered into your site, and how many photos are found under each.

See it:

Tip: The keyword content box looks great on your Browse page (which is included by default on many of our design layouts).


A page your fans and clients see every time you share a gallery protected with a viewing password.

See it:

Tip: Drop in a title and/or text box inviting them to email you if they can’t remember the right password.


Your public photos and videos that other people have liked and commented on the most.

See it:


A clean, simple, and extremely useful search field where anyone can type in a search term. Good for photos, galleries, and videos.

See it:


A page that lists all the folders on your site. When you’re logged in, your folders accessible by Anyone with the Link (unlisted) and Only Me (private) will show up here, too.

See it:

Tip: This page comes already linked from our default design layouts and is a great place to drop in additional content boxes like the keyword cloud, the map, and the timeline search.

What Can’t Be Changed

There’s some core content on a few pages that you can’t change, for obvious reasons (like the password fields on the password page, the content on the Popular page, etc.). But you’ll know these can’t be touched when you mouse over them in customization mode and see a little lock icon in the corner.

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