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Your Account Settings allow you to control whether or not your photos can be publicly viewed and purchased, bought as prints, found in searches, and much more!

There are four types of control settings, and you'll be able to access them from almost any page you're viewing. To make things easier, they're also contextual to your current location.

What's that mean? If you're on a Page, for example, you'll be able to access the Page Settings for that Page. If you're on a Gallery, then you'll access the corresponding Gallery Settings. If you're on a Folder, then you'll access the corresponding Folder Settings. In the Organizer? You'll be able to access the appropriate settings page.

And to top it off, you can access your site's Account Settings from the header tool menu on every page of your site! 

Where Can I Find Them?

Look for the "me" icon on the right-hand side of your header tool bar.

If you've chosen a profile photo, that will be shown instead of the  icon. ​

Click the icon to open the drop-down menu, and select Account Settings.

You can manage all your sitewide settings from here!

  • Me: Manage your account name, email address, account password, subscription payments, and more.
  • Privacy: Manage viewing and assistant (pro) passwords, private-sharing access, family and friend settings, photo collecting, feeds, and other services' access to your SmugMug site.
  • Discovery: Make sure you can be found and, once found, that folks can share your photos.
  • Stats: Get the goods on which photos are generating a buzz.
  • Business: Manage your seller account tools from here.
  •  Contacts: Manage your contacts and private-sharing access for individuals.

Folder, Gallery, or Page settings can also be accessed from within the Organizer. Click on the Settings button and the contextually appropriate settings overlay will open.

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