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How can owners and viewers share photos from SmugMug?

Updated: 05/14/2014

This page is for New SmugMug. Click here for help on Legacy SmugMug.

What fun is a photo if you don't share it with others? We've got tons of great ways for you to share your photos with family, friends, fans and customers. 

When you or your visitors are viewing your photos from within a Gallery, the share button is to the bottom left of the featured image (in SmugMug view). 

In other viewing styles such as collage or thumbnails, you must first click on the image to enter the Lightbox view. In the Lightbox the sharing icon appears under the image on the right.  

You can also add clickable share icons to your galleries to make things even easier for your viewers to share!

To add these icons, you'll need to Customize your site.

Then add the Social > Share Buttons content block to your Galleries.

Select the icons you want to be visible, then save your changes.

Admire your share buttons!

It's possible to share images or galleries directly on your favorite social media sites.



Google +



You will be able to send images directly through email, right from within your gallery.

You will also find the Collect Photos button within the share menu. It will show to you when logged in, and to your visitors if you allow collecting of your images to their SmugMug sites. When you open the collect image menu, you'll be taken to the Gallery Picker. Open the gallery that you'd like to collect that image to.

Of course, whether to share or not is up to you. Check out the level of control that you, the site owner, have over sharing. If you prefer NOT to allow visitors access to sharing your images, you can turn that off from within your Gallery Settings on the Social Tab.