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It's possible to add an HTML slideshow to any page on your SmugMug site by dragging our Slideshow block onto that page. 

You'll find the slideshow block in the Customization drawer > Content tab > Photo. 

Once you've placed the slideshow content block onto a page, you'll need to select a source for the images that play in the slideshow. You'll have many other controls to work with so you can personalize that slideshow to be just right for your audience. 

Slideshow Settings

  • Title allows you to name your slideshow.
  • Title Alignment places the title onto the page for you.
  • Photo Source provides options to select a gallery or a particular feed (keywords, popular, most recent).
  • Gallery shows you the gallery picker so you can select the source gallery for images when not using a feed.
  • The Playback menu gives you control over the speed of your slideshow and transitions. 
  • Splash Image allows you to select the opening image for display to viewers while the slideshow loads for the first time.
  • Captions allow you to display (or not) the image captions on your photos.
  • The Controls menu gives you options for displaying things like navigation arrows, play button, and the full-screen button.
Photos from password-protected galleries will show to visitors in a homepage slideshow if you've selected that specific gallery. 

We won't show images in a slideshow that uses Recent Uploads to logged-out users if they are in password-protected galleries (though they do show to logged-in owners).  

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