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Helping your visitors find their way around your site may be the single most important thing you can do for them (and for you). 

Navigation Blocks

Navigation blocks include different navigation types to use on your site and help your visitors get around! We've created navigation content blocks for: 
  • Menu
  • Breadcrumb 
  • Various Image and Folder Tiles
  • Keyword Cloud
  • Search box

Each of the above items adds a single element to a page. And each one allows for personalization by opening the tools menu once you've added it to the page. For example, the Search Content Block tools menu looks like this:

Open the tools menu for each content block by clicking on the wrench iconthat appears when you hover over a content block while in customization mode.

Create a Navigation Bar

The Menu application is more powerful and more complex. As with every kind of content block, you can create page-, gallery-, and folder-specific versions.

Here's how to make a navigation menu. 
  • Drag the Menu content block onto a page.
  • Open the Tools menu by clicking on the wrench icon. 
  • The Basic tab includes the style of your menu bar, including fonts.  
  • The Links tab allows you to add additional links to the default Home/Browse/Search links in your menu navigation.        

Add Links

  • Add a new link by clicking on the plus symbol. A new menu will open allowing you to pick the page to link to.        
  • Give the new link a Title (this title is what will appear in your navigation menu).
  • Choose the type of Link for your navigation button to link to, including an outside URL, a contact form, a SmugMug page, or a search input box.

Create a Dropdown Menu

When you choose to add a link to a SmugMug Folder page that contains folders, galleries, and pages, you can include all the pages nested under that folder. This will generate a navigation link with a dropdown menu to display those folders/galleries/pages.

To nest specific dropdown items, drag an item to the right in the list. That list item will then nest under the item above it. 

The font used in your navigation menu is controlled by the body font you select in your theme.

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