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Where are my gallery settings?

Updated: 08/11/2014

This page is for New SmugMug. Click here for help on Legacy SmugMug


Accessing Folder, Gallery, or Page Settings can be done from within the Organizer by clicking on the Settings Button. The appropriate settings overlay will open for the page type you're on: Folder, Gallery, or Page.. 


Gallery settings are also accessible from either the organizer or from within the gallery via the customize menu. The Gallery Settings overlay has 8 buckets of actions:


Set your Gallery Title, Gallery Description, Meta Description, Keywords, and SEO-friendly URL here.

Security and Privacy

Set or remove viewing passwords, search-engine visibility, largest display sizes, image-protection features, and more.

Security & Privacy Settings (Privacy, Password, and Search settings) are inherited from the folder level by default. 


Enable or disable sharing options, comments, and likes. 


Show or hide the Buy button. Some account levels can also configure gallery-specific commerce features like backprinting, Boutique Packaging, and more.   


The place to update all things related to your gallery's appearance:

  • Featured image (if you do not set one, the first image in the gallery is used by default)
  • Sorting
  • Gallery style
  • Camera info
  • And more!      

Smart Rules

You'll be able to access your Smart Gallery rules from here.

Display Copy Sharpening

If you'd like to add a little extra oomph to your screen display copies, you can tweak that here. We won't touch your Originals.

Quick Settings

Save all the Gallery Settings you just changed as a template by giving it a name. You can easily apply them all to other galleries with a click.