Change how photos display in my galleries

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There are two places to control the layout and arrangement of images in your galleries: Customize Content and Design and Gallery Settings.

Customize content and design.

While logged in, click Customize > Customize Content and Design to reveal the Customize drawer. Then click the Layout tab. Here you can choose between a stretchy and a fixed-width layout for any of the pages on your site.

The stretchy option will detect the size of viewing platform being used—be it super-large screen or small mobile phone—and will automatically fill it with your page elements, reducing the amount of empty space on the page.

Gallery settings.

Gallery Styles determine how your images are arranged on a page. To change viewing styles, navigate to a gallery and open the Customize menu within it. You'll find Gallery Style near the top. Gallery Style choices can also be accessed through your Gallery Settings Page, on the Appearance tab.

Some Gallery Styles have settings unique only to those styles. For example, square thumbnails are only available as an option when SmugMug style is chosen. And only Thumbnail, Collage Landscape, and Collage Portrait styles offer the ability to add a custom cover image to the gallery.

There are a few other places to find your Gallery Styles:

  • Within the Customizer: Select “All Galleries” in the top right, then click the wrench icon for the Gallery block beneath “On All Galleries.”
  • Within the Organizer: Open a single gallery and click the settings button on the top left.
  • Within the Organizer: Highlight more than one gallery or folder at a time, click the settings button, and open the BULK gallery settings. This allows you to change the settings for all galleries you’ve selected, even those contained within folders you’ve selected!

If you'd like to have all galleries on your site use the same gallery display style, you can set a default style sitewide

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