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Can I hide individual photos in a gallery?

Updated: 06/25/2014

This page is for New SmugMug.  Click here for help on Legacy SmugMug.  

Have a few photos you'd rather keep to yourself? Go ahead and add them to SmugMug with the rest, but use the Hide Photo feature so your visitors only see the best.

Do it!

While logged in, you will see a symbol to the bottom right of your image (in SmugMug style). Open the wrench (tools) menu, and then select Hide. 


Undo It

Change your mind? Once hidden, the Call to Action will be Unhide. How will you know which images you've hidden? We'll show you!

FYI: While the photo will be instantly hidden from your SmugMug gallery, it may take longer for it to disappear from other places such as 'Most Popular Photos'. But it will, promise.

Also, hidden photos will be included in your gallery backup files.

Tip: Don't hide your bio photo or header photo. We won't be able to use them!