Using the "Folders, Galleries & Pages" content block

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The "Folders, Galleries & Pages" content block allows you to display all three hierarchy containers within one content block on a page. It's the perfect way to show your viewers where they can go next on your website. If you prefer to always see all your folders and/or galleries on a page, then you can add this content block to your entire site.

Remember you can always remove it on a page-by-page basis.

You'll find this content block under Galleries in the Content tab of the Customize drawer. 

Like all content blocks, you can add it to any page on your SmugMug site by dragging it from the sidebar onto your page.

Click the content block's wrench icon to edit its options.

The Basic tab allows you to control the following:

  • Choose the Folder/Gallery/Page(s) to display. They'll be displayed in the order you choose them. 
  • Choose how many items to display.
  • Choose from Grid, Vertical, or Collage layout.
  • Specify the size of photos used.
  • Specify the aspect ratio used for the display.

The Display tab gives you a way to control:

  • Spacing between the content you add.
  • ​Where the content titles are displayed.
  • The number of rows of content to display on that page.

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