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Photographers love Lightroom because it's easy, powerful, and makes photo finishing fast. See how Lightroom can save you time and effort.

Even better, you can download a sweet SmugMug publishing plugin for Lightroom that's totally free.

If you're using an older version of the SmugMug uploader plugin, you can download the updated version and see installation instructions here.

Problems? Check out the FAQ for help.

Get Started

Fire up Lightroom and look for the familiar green SmugMug logo under Publish Services. If you don't see it, click Lightroom's Help > Check for Updates... and make sure you have the latest version.

  1. Click Set Up on the bar to open Lightroom Publishing Manager, and highlight SmugMug:

    SmugMug setup

    Choose Authorize Account to allow us to transmit your account info to Lightroom. Your default web browser should open so you can verify. When you're done, Lightroom will appear in your SmugMug Account Settings' Privacy tab, under Authorized Applications.

    New to SmugMug? We'll give you a brand-new account to play with. Your trial is totally free for 14 days, so you can starting uploading and sharing with zero wait.

  2. Next, go back to Lightroom and configure your settings in the Publishing Manager window. This lets you choose how you want your files to be named, resized, etc., on each upload.

    Tip: If you want to offer clean images for print, we recommend seller account owners use our Watermark feature rather than the watermarking you see in LR. Lightroom's settings will apply text directly to your finished photo, which will appear on all prints and digital downloads.
  3. Click Save when you're done. If you kept Sync Hierarchy checked, Lightroom will take a few minutes to pull in your SmugMug galleries. Your galleries will appear at the left, arranged by Category.

Tweak these settings at any time by right-clicking the SmugMug pane and choosing Edit Settings.

Publish to SmugMug

  1. Import photos into Lightroom and polish them to taste in the Develop pane.

  2. Make new galleries by right-clicking a Category name on the list and selecting "Create Gallery." When you publish your photos to SmugMug, the new galleries will be created on your site.

    SmugMug Publish

    Edit the Gallery Settings by choosing one of your existing Quick Settings. Or change the settings below. 

    SmugMug Publish

  3. When you're ready to upload, drag the images from your Library into the SmugMug gallery you want on the left.

    Click the Publish button in the Library pane and watch your photos get slurped into SmugMug.

    SmugMug Publish

    Tip: Got comments? Highlight the photo in Lightroom and view them under the Metadata panel.

Organize and Synchronize

  • Lightroom knows when you delete photos or galleries from SmugMug. It will ask if you want to remove them locally (Sync hierarchy) or create them again (Republish).

    Not seeing your changes in Lightroom? Right-click on SmugMug and click Edit Settings to bring up the Publishing Manager box. Hit the "Sync Now" button under SmugMug Settings to force a refresh.

  • Similarly, creating a new gallery with the same name as an existing one will automatically publish to the original if you have chosen Sync Hierarchy in the Publishing Settings. Otherwise, you'll get two galleries with the same name on your site.

  • Modifying images, captions, keywords, or GPS data triggers Lightroom to republish the photo, even if it already exists in your gallery.

  • Duplicate photos will be skipped unless you flag them. Right-click and Mark for republish, and they'll be uploaded the next time you Publish.

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