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Can I create custom photo cards?

Updated: 03/31/2014

You've got gorgeous photos in your galleries. Turn them into beautiful cards!

All cards are printed through EZ Prints and come with matching white envelopes. All you have to do is sign, seal and stamp.

What are they like?

4x8 cards are printed on Kodak photo paper and are available in matte, glossy, or lustre finish. You can write a message on the back, but keep in mind that the lab will print some small numbers there, too.

5x7 cards come printed on luxuriously thick card stock, folded in the middle. They're matte with a UV coating that gives the outside just a hint of sheen. The inside is smooth enough to pen a personal message.

FYI: You can make cards from photos from any one gallery. To use images from multiple galleries, try Collecting photos.

Make Your Card!

Here's a quick video that shows you how easy it is to build your own cards:

If you'd rather read, here's how it's done:

1. Find your first photo.

Browse your gallery until you spot the photo you want. From there, click the Buy button above it, then choose "Create a Card."

FYI: Your original image must be at least 438x625 pixels to print perfectly.

2. Choose the card.

Pick whether you want a 4x8 or a 5x7 card, then scroll through the carousel at the bottom to select a design. When you see one you like, click it and we'll open it bigger.

Don't forget to click "Designs" at the bottom if you want to narrow it down and browse specific occasions.

3. Customize it!

The little "head" icons will point to the spaces where you can drag and drop photos from the photo pool on the right. Once you've assigned them a spot, you can click it again to zoom, rotate, scooch it around, or even convert it to black and white!

When you're finished, click the little "X" in the corner to close the edit bubble. You can always undo your changes and start over.

The "T" icons indicate areas where you can click and enter text. 

NOTE: Some cards will let you customize the size, font and other options, but not all designs offer that choice.

4. Make it yours.

When it's perfect, click the Save button at the bottom to keep your changes. 

Choose the quantity of cards that you want from the section on the right, then click the Add to Cart button at the bottom. Now you're ready to check out.


Need to Make Changes?

As the gallery owner, you'll find all of your saved cards in your Unlisted (Anyone with the Link) "My SmugMug Creations" gallery, or the "Guest Cards" gallery for cards made by your guests.

Browse to the card image and then click the Tools button > This Photo > Edit.

We'll open up in the card builder and you can edit your photos or text as much as you like. Don't forget to save your changes!

FYI: Your guests won't have the ability to edit cards themselves, but you can do it for them. When it's ready, share the link to the finished card in your Unlisted (Anyone with the Link) "Guest Cards" gallery. They can click the Buy button and check out from there.

If you've saved your card and are now ready to buy, find the image of your finished card in your "Cards" gallery and hit the familiar Buy button. We'll display just the available options:

Tip: Need to make more than one card? Exit the card builder and start a new session.

Pros with Business accounts: Sell Custom Cards

Your clients can use photos in your gallery and build them into custom photo cards, earning you money.

Price them just the way you'd price everything else in your site, with Pricelists. Tell your clients to look under the Buy button for the "Create a Card" option and they can build it just like we described above.

FYI: Cards won't appear on Loxley-based Pricelists, so be sure to set your gallery to EZ Prints, Bay Photo or WHCC if you're outside of the USA and want to sell cards.

Once it's made, they can add the card to their shopping cart right from the card builder:

Remember that any cards they design will be safely stashed in your  Unlisted (Anyone with the Link) "Guest Cards" gallery. They can't see this gallery on their own so if they ask, you'll have to share a link to it. 

Finally, note that if and when you use Proof Delay, you can always click "Edit Project" from the order's Proof Delay screen to go in and edit your clients' cards after the order's been placed.

FYI: Got watermarks? They'll show on your online previews but your cards won't print with them, don't worry.

Here's a handy tutorial that shows you how easy it is to price and sell cards: