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Can guests upload photos to my site?

Updated: 12/02/2014

Got a wedding? A party? A family reunion?

With a SmugMug account, you can easily let other party-goers upload their photos to one gallery on your site, just by using a special link. Perfect for pooling together your most candid moments from your big event!

Tip: This is great for lots of people uploading lots of photos.

How It Works

  1. Open up your Gallery Settings and scroll down to the Security & Privacy section:

  2. Type a password into the "Upload Key" field. Your guests will be able to see what you enter here, so just make sure it's viewer-friendly.

  3. Save your changes on the page. Your Upload Key will be baked into a special link:

  4. Share that link! Anyone who visits it will see our browser-based uploader where they can drag and drop files into your gallery—and only that gallery.

Anything Else to Know?

  • Your guests can still upload files to galleries locked with passwords, but they'll need to enter the viewing password before they can browse photos.

  • Anyone with your upload link can upload files to that gallery. Be aware when you share! Or give them a deadline and change/remove the Upload Key by that date.

  • Have your guests edit their files' captions using a photo editor like Lightroom, Picasa, iPhoto, or Windows Photo Gallery. This way their words will automatically show up in the photo's caption field after upload.