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How do I get started?

Updated: 05/12/2014

What should I do first?
As with any account, we suggest you create some galleries and upload your photos. Here’s how.

Upload photos


Where do I add my brand?
The simplest way is to use set up your Profile and add your name, contact email address. social links and a short intro about your business. You can also add your logo via a logo content block using the New SmugMug Customizing tools

I don’t have time to customize!
We understand, which is why we've curated and vetted a list of amazing designers who you can hire to do it all for you.

Can I customize the delivery box?
Pros can include a Thank You print with each order, add Stickers and customize the return address label. See more about Order Branding.

Can I use my own URL?
Power, Portfolio, and Business users can buy and hook up their own custom domain.


How do I set my own prices for prints, gifts, and downloads?
Visit your Account Settings to set up your first Pricelist. Once you’ve added in products you want to sell and save your pricing, it’ll apply to every gallery on your site. More info here.

How much do I keep?
You keep 85% of the profit you earn on every sale.

How will I get paid?
Electronically via direct deposit (PayPal for those not in the USA). First, visit your Account Settings and fill out your Tax and Payment info so we know who you are. We’ll automatically include you in our monthly payment if you have more than $500 in unpaid profits by the end of a month, or you can choose to be included even if you have less than the $500 threshold. Alternatively, you can opt to have us withhold payments until you tell us otherwise. Learn all about reporting.

Can I sell to people outside the USA?
Of course! Our print labs ship anywhere in the world. We currently have labs in the USA and Europe, and your customers can buy in one of the planet’s top 5 currencies.


I haven’t made any sales. Why not?
It's worth making sure you've protected your images, but usually the culprit is that no one knows you exist. We’ve got tons of info about how to market your new business and be sure you snag the right clients

I want to show up when people Google for: “Miami sports photographer.”
Take a look at our SEO guide to see how to choose good keywords, where to use them on your site and lots more to get traffic flowing.


I don’t want people stealing my photos.
You get tons of image protection features built in to your SmugMug galleries and we recommend that you use them all to keep your photos safe from right-clicking, screen grabbing and more. See more info here.