Save gallery settings as a template

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Found yourself using the same Gallery Settings over and over again across your site? You may want to create a Quick Setting to save you some time.

Save your settings and you can apply them with a single click to any new or existing gallery on your SmugMug website.

How to Create Quick Settings

Go into the gallery you want to change and click Customize  > Gallery Settings.  

Click on the Quick Settings tab. If you want to save the current gallery's settings as a quick setting, you can do that by entering a name in the Save as Quick Setting field.

To apply an existing quick setting to a gallery, use the Quick Setting dropdown menu and select the one you want to apply. Click the checkmark to apply your Quick Settings and then click Save.

To delete a quick setting, select it from the list of saved settings and then click the trash can icon.

FYI: Quick Settings do not include passwords, gallery title, description, meta keywords, custom URL, feature image, or guest uploading, so those things will need to be tweaked for each gallery. Applying a Quick Setting to an existing gallery will not re-make thumbnails or re-watermark photos already in the gallery.

Quick Settings cannot be applied in Bulk Settings.

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