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In your sea of galleries, make an island for each event you shoot. (This feature is available only for our highest-level seller accounts.)

Our Event Management tools help simplify browsing and buying so your visitors don't get lost. Let them view their galleries all on one page and easily tag their favorites, even on mobile.

Follow the how to's below to start setting up your own!

Create your event.

Check out the Business tab in your Account Settings and you'll see Events under Selling.

Clicking Manage, then New Event will take you to a page where you can enter details about the occasion. Give it a name, a short description, a date, and a location. Your clients will see this information, so make it clear and informative.

Create new Event

We'll automatically incorporate your event name into the Event URL, but you can change it to something you like better. Keep it simple and descriptive so your guests can remember the link without a breaking a sweat.

Example: A gallery name like the above example will show the Event URL of Croquet-on-the-Lawn. The link becomes

After you've set up the basics, click Add to select the Galleries that pertain to the event. You can create Events in the past, present, and the future, so don't be afraid to get started early. If you've got a gig next month, make the event now and ask your clients to not only save the date, but the URL, too.

Customize your event settings.

Privacy Options

Dress up your Event page with a beautiful Slideshow. You can feature any gallery on your site, or pull up photos tagged with any keyword of your choice.

Important: Make sure any galleries you're including don't use the slideshow viewing style. This prevents your event participants from being able to see and select their favorites.

Typically, only people you set as Participants can pick and choose Favorite photos. Guest Registration allows you to make this feature available to others.

  • Required: Anyone viewing the Event is prompted to register. After they enter their info, they'll be able to start browsing and favoriting immediately. They'll also receive an email with a special link that will take them back to the event and their favorites.

  • Suggested: Anyone viewing the Event is prompted to register, but they can decline and continue to browse the Event as a guest. The Event homepage will show a "Register to Pick Favorites" link, which they can click and register to use.

  • Optional: Visitors won't be prompted to register unless they click the "Register to Pick Favorites" link at the top. Once they do, they'll get a personalized Event page and the ability to tag Favorites. However, they can decline and continue to browse the Event as a guest.

  • Off: Only people you set as Participants can tag Favorites. Everyone else sees the general version of the Event.

Events are unlisted by default. You can make it public or add a viewing password if you want to secure it further.

Check the Passworded Gallery Access box if you want to unlock all the galleries in the Event the first time the visitor enters the correct password.

Note: If you've opted to leave the Event unlisted, we'll add a code to the end of the URL as a security measure. This way people won't accidentally stumble on your private event pages.

Gotcha: Only public galleries can be Featured on your homepage.

Share it!

After you Save your event, we'll generate a permanent link for general sharing. You'll find it at the bottom of your new event page under Other Guests.

Share Your Event

Your recipients will see the Guest Event page like a Sharegroup, meaning they get the Event details and all the galleries you selected. Click that link yourself and you can preview how the Event will look to them.

All guests viewing this general event page can see photos, buy prints, and share the Event with others.

Start playing favorites.

Participants are key clients who can tag Favorites from the Event. The bride. Groom. Parents.

First, add them to your Participants and Registered Guests list. We give you space to enter a name, email addresses, and notes so you can easily identify them.

Add Key Clients

Tip: When you enter their information, we do not instantly generate their unique Event links. You'll need to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page to "solidify" the process and update all the changes you've made to the page.

More about participants, registered guests, and favorites.

Once you've added a Participant, click their name to edit their info at any time. Click the red 'X' to flag it for deletion. They'll be permanently removed when you save the page.

When you add your Participants and save the page, notice that their personal page URL contains their name as well as the Event name. They can feel warm and fuzzy knowing they're looking in the right spot. The code at the end ensures that their page and their Favorites are safe from prying eyes.

Example: If you've created an Event for a party, you'll add the guest of honor's name and email address to your Participant list. When you save the page, we'll generate a unique, permanent link that you can share with her. Her Personal Page will look just like the general Event page, but with an additional My Favorites gallery where we'll store the photos she likes best. As she browses the Event galleries, she'll also see a special heart icon under each photo. Clicking those will place a virtual copy of that image in her Favorites folder.

Want to see her selections? You can come back to your Event Management page at any time and click the View Favorites link next to her name.

Registered Guests are people who find your Event and sign up. Once they do, they get a special Event link to pick and choose Favorites. They work just like Participants, so they'll show up in the same list, but with a blue icon.

Remember that you can control who registers in your Event Settings, detailed above. You can require it of every guest browsing your Event, only people who want to use Favorites, or you can turn off registration altogether and name your own Participants.

You can always remove Participants or Registered Guests from your list.


Now go ahead and click the little envelope to create a handy Share message. If you want, you can also send your Participants and Guests a second email that includes the general Event link (without the option to pick or view Favorites). This allows them to easily share the event with their friends.

Share Events

The macros at the bottom are just shortcuts to save you time. You're free to modify the default wording, but copy and paste one of those macros to keep names and info consistent. You can even save your changes as a template for later use, or send a test message to yourself to see how it'll look to your guests.

Send those off and let your viewers have their fun!

Anything else I should know?

Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Communication is key. If you haven't already added a Customer Contact Email in the Me tab of your Account Settings, we suggest you do this so your clients can reach you. However, if you don't have an email entered there, we won't expose your contact information in the Share emails sent to your Participants and Registered Guests.

  • Every person in your Participants and Registered Guests list can see all of the galleries you assign to the event as well as any comments left on the images. In contrast, each person's Favorites gallery is unique and visible only to him or herself. They can see their own Favorites gallery because they are using the special links you gave them.

  • All the Favorites galleries are available only to Anyone with the Link (Unlisted) and stored under the Event Favorites Folder. Please don't delete or change this location, otherwise your Participants and Registered Guests can't pick Favorites!

  • Each click of a heart will collect the photo from its location into the one Favorites gallery. Don't worry: We link back to the original in the photo caption field so you (and your Participants/Guests) can always find the source.

  • If you remove a person from your Participants and Registered Guests list, their Favorites folder will still remain in your Event Favorites Folder. This is just in case they still want to view their selections, but you can delete the gallery if you wish.

  • Don't forget to check your Events Management page periodically to add or remove galleries and view your Participants' and Registered Guests' picks.

FYI: Galleries added to events retain the pricing/settings from the original gallery. Collected or smart galleries included in events will also have the pricing/settings of the original source gallery. If you want to block the sales of photos completely, be sure to set a pricelist with no items for sale and apply it to the original source gallery.

The new galleries created by an event when a guest selects favorites will retain the settings of the source gallery. This is important as the new galleries created by the event will show the default settings, so it may appear that the protection settings, etc., are not applied when they automatically come from the source galleries. 

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