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How do I make a feed that uses flash work?

Updated: 08/11/2014

To get SmugMug feeds working with Flash, such as an embedded Cooliris wall, follow the steps below.

  1. Request feeds from instead of
  2. Append &Sandboxed=1 to the feed url
  3. URL encode the feed twice

Here's an example feed of recent photos*:

Change; to and add &Sandboxed=1.

You'll have this:

Once you've the modified feed you'll need to URL encode it twice. Go here: Take your feed and enter it into the left box on this website, click encode, then copy the text in the right box and add it back to the Cooliris box. That is the feed URL you'll want to use.  

If you use the feed above it'll look like this:
*Please note that if you use the above feed URL, you'll need to change Data=nickname to your site's nickname. Don't change Type=nicknameRecentPhotos.