Third-party uploaders, downloaders, migration tools, and utilities

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Lots! This is a comprehensive list of third-party uploaders, downloaders, service migration tools, and other utilities.

These third-party apps come as is and were not developed by SmugMug, so we cannot guarantee their compatibility or functionality. Please contact the individual app developers at the links below for support.

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File Transfer


Your photos from you to SmugMug.

  • Lightroom Publish Service - One click uploading from Lightroom 3 and higher using the Official SmugMug Publish Service. Drag and drop your photos to your galleries from within LR to upload and easily update new edits in LR to replace already uploaded images on SmugMug.  Effortlessly sync client selected images on SmugMug back to LR with the click of a button.
  • Aperture - Upload to SmugMug directly through Aperture as well as manage your images once they're there.
  • Adobe Photoshop Family - Elements 5/6, CS3 - How to upload.
  • BlogStomp - Helps improve your workflow efficiency by resizing, creating collages, cropping, and adding your watermark to your images in one fell swoop. Then upload an entire gallery directly to SmugMug without leaving the app so you can do more of what you love: taking photos.
  • FileUpload for SmugMug - PERL script for command-line uploading.
  • FotoFox - Firefox extension for uploading to SmugMug.
  • Komodo Drop - Drag-and-drop application for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
  • PicBackMan - A fully automatic SmugMug photo and video uploader for Windows and Mac. It allows users to download their photo and video collections in SmugMug with ease, and maintains folder hierarchy during upload.
  • QuickMug - Command-line ruby gem for uploading images to your SmugMug account.
  • Send To SmugMug - Excellent Windows-based upload tool.
  • SmugLine - An open-source command-line tool for SmugMug written in python.
  • SmugMug uploader - Python-based uploader script.


Your photos from SmugMug back to you.

  • Download All directly from your SmugMug site - You can create a zip file of any SmugMug gallery you own directly through SmugMug. While logged in, go to the Gallery and click on Tools > This Gallery > Download All. You'll be sent an email with a link that you can use to download the generated zip file and also send to your clients to download. Zip files are good for 2 weeks before they need to be regenerated.
  • RapidFetcher - Downloader for Macs, Win, or Linux! (Adobe Air app.)


  • CloudBuckit - Desktop application that connects your SmugMug and 20+ cloud services in one place. Upload and download photos from your SmugMug to Dropbox, Google Drive, or any another cloud. Share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, or VK. Everything under one roof.


  • SmuggLr - Official SmugMug migration tool. Migrate from Flickr, Yahoo!, Zenfolio, Picasa, and Photoshelter to SmugMug with this tool. Keeps your folder structure, too!
    Gallery Album to SmugMug - Convert Gallery 1.x or 2.x albums to SmugMug, complete with category/subcategory creation and captions.



  • GeoTagr - Turns your iPhone into a GPS data logger with geotagging capabilities for images taken on your DSLR or other camera.
  • Sync Photo - Copy select SmugMug galleries to your iOS device for offline viewing.


  • Stereo Photo Viewer 3D - View SmugMug public and unlisted 3D parallel photos on your smartphone with a stereoscope.


  • SmugFolio - A fast offline viewer and uploader for SmugMug that will auto download your photos for offline viewing wherever you go.


  • Appreplica - Add your SmugMug galleries with full screen slideshows and real-time synchronization to your Wordpress powered or custom coded sites.


  • SmugWP - Insert photos from SmugMug into your WordPress blog with Lightbox 2 support, Gallery ID confirm, and redirect (think DigiProofs).



Post Production

  • Phixr - Online photo editor.


  • Obra - Obra is a PowerShell drive for SmugMug. It provides a command-line interface with access to PowerShell cmdlets for programmatic use. It exposes albums as directories, media as files, and EXIF data as properties.

Toolkits and Frameworks

  • Actionscript - Flex/AIR/Flash 9 Wrapper, as3smugmuglib.
  • ColdFusion - ColdFusion Wrapper, CFSmug.
  • Haskell - Daniel Patterson's Haskell wrapper, HSmugAPI.
  • PHP - Colin Seymour's PHP wrapper, phpSmug (supports API 1.3.0).
  • PHP - DFM Smug Wrapper (supports API 2.0)
  • Python - Python API wrapper for SmugMug SmugMug API.
  • Python library for SmugMug API that supports Oauth and Google App Engine smugpy.

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