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How should I prepare videos for my site?

Updated: 06/05/2014

The main video help page is located here: Video Help

Wanna get serious? We have a great Video Forum for help and Video talk, Here.

Video Upload

Our new video feature accepts videos in just about any video format, such as: .mov, .AVI, most Mpeg formats, h.264, .m4a, and .m4v.  File sizes?  All users can upload up to 20 minutes for each video in full HD (1920x1080).  The maximum file size allowed for any video is 3GB.

Use our HTML5 drag and drop uploader in Chrome. When you click the add photos button, we usually remember the uploader you used last time and take you to it. But near the bottom of the page on the left you'll see a link that says, "Try another uploader." Click that and choose HTML5 (first on the list) or Olde Faithful (last on the list).

 We can't convert your videos as fast as we can prepare still images for display. It could be a while before a video is visible in your gallery but good things come to those who wait.

Video Playback

Playing SmugMug videos requires Adobe Flash Player.

Playback Hardware requirements

Due to the different playback sizes, and thousands of hardware configurations we cannot tell you what exactly you will need.  Running applications, and background processes can cause degradation so be sure to shut down any unneeded applications if problems occur.

Most any computer from the last 2-3 years will be able to play the HD display size.   Older computer users should select the smaller sizes as needed.

Network requirements

Most broadband internet connections will be able to handle the HD playback.  

For slow connections you may see stops or stutters as the video loads.  Check the status bar to see if the playback marker is catching up to the load indicator.  If it is, pause the video to allow it to load. Also, turn off any other unneeded applications that may be using the network connection.   If problems continue, try a smaller display size. 

SmugMug video display tech specs

Size Video  Audio 
Full HD  1920X1080 7.2Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile  128kbps 48KHz stereo AAC-LC
Hi-Def 1280x720 3.2Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps 48KHz stereo AAC-LC
Mid-Def 960x540 1.8Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps 48KHz stereo AAC-LC
iPod/DVD 640x480 1.2Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps 48KHz stereo AAC-LC
Web 320x240 512Kbps H.264 Baseline Profile  40kbps 22KHz mono AAC-LC
  • Video resolutions are maximums based on the width.  Different aspect ratios can result in smaller height resolutions to preserve aspect ratio. 
  • The iPod/DVD and Web display copies are mathematically more square than the larger versions. 
  • Native is displayed as an option if the video's natural/original resolution does not exactly match one of our predefined display sizes.

Here is a graphical representation of the display sizes and aspect ratios.   It is not actual size.  Click on this image to download a larger version.