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How should I convert and format a video for upload?

Updated: 08/29/2016

Converting your videos isn't typically needed unless you're having issues with the format, codec, or the size of the video. We recommend you try uploading your video or a small sample to see if you have problems before trying the following conversion process.

If you do need to convert your video, we recommend a .mov file with the h.264 video codec. Audio should be AAC 128kbps (stereo or mono only, no surround sound).

You may use any video software you'd like as long as it's capable of outputting the above settings. MPEG StreamClip (PC and Mac) is one we recommend that's free.

Note: On Windows you may need to install the Quicktime player for the h.264 codec to show up in MPEG Streamclip.

Convert Using MPEG StreamClip

Open MPEG StreamClip and drag your video file into the main window of the MPEG Streamclip application.

In MPEG Streamclip, choose File > Export to Quicktime. You'll see this:

Choose Compression: H.264 for the setting.

FYI: Check the "Limit Data Rate" button, which will override the quality slider. This is important, otherwise you'll  create an unnecessarily bloated file that will slow down or stall your upload.

Be sure to input the data rate as follows depending on the resolution size of your video:

  • Full HD (1080p) 1920x1080: 8.0 Mbps
  • Hi-Def(720p) 1280x720: 3.2Mbps
  • Mid-Def 960x540: 1.8Mbps
  • iPod/DVD 640x480: 1.2Mbps
  • Web 320x240: 512Kbps

Leave the "Frame Size" setting at "unscaled" unless you want to change the size of your video. The application defaults to leaving the video at whatever resolution your video already is.

Note: If your video is Progressive (i.e., 1080p,720p, or 480p) deselect the "interlaced" checkbox.

Make sure you use the following settings for Sound: MPEG-4 AAC, Stereo, Auto HZ, 128kbps.

Click the Make Movie button at the bottom right and, when it's finished, you'll have a video file ready for SmugMug!

Upload to SmugMug

Now upload the .mov file to SmugMug by dragging your video into the uploader box and give us a few minutes to process the file. (We recommend using Google Chrome.)

 When it's done processing, you're all set to show off, share, or sell!