What are available display sizes?

Updated: Mar 20, 2014 12:12PM PDT
The 9 sizes of SmugMug:
  Pixels wide Pixels high
Tiny thumbnails (-Ti) Up to 100 Up to 100
Large thumbnails (-Th) Up to 150 Up to 150
Small (-S) Up to 400 Up to 300
Medium (-M) Up to 600 Up to 450
Large (-L) Up to 800 Up to 600
XLarge (-XL) Up to 1024 Up to 768
X2Large (-X2) Up to 1280 Up to 960
X3Large (-X3) Up to 1600 Up to 1200
Original (-O) Huge Huge

Most photo sharing sites shrink your originals to save space. Not us.

With SmugMug, you get to keep every pixel forever and show them as big as your screen will allow.

Upload once and we'll make up to 8 display copies from each file.

Example: If your original photo is between SmugMug's Large and XLarge sizes, we'll only create the Small, Medium, Large, and Thumbnail display copies.

Need custom sizes?

Nine sizes not enough? Make your own!

Got jaggies?

It's possible to wreck how your computer displays photos, with just a few clicks.

Help me avoid this!


Some photos are color shifted on my Mac...

The downside of (older, 1.8 gamma) Mac factory settings.

Resizing & sharpening

SmugMug uses the Lanczos algorithm to make display copies because it preserves the most detail. It is not often seen in software like Photoshop, because it is CPU-intensive.

Any time an image is downsampled (to go from your original to SmugMug's large display size, for example), the image loses sharpness. The usual way to restore sharpness is to apply unsharp mask. A typical value, and Photoshop's default, is 50%. By default SmugMug applies only 20% (0.20) because Lanczos does not lose as much sharpness when resizing.

Our default, shown in the center photos below, is a compromise between landscape, product, and wildlife photographers who like their images sharp, and portrait photographers who prefer a softer look.

Our obsessionOur obsessionOur obsession

Our obsessionOur obsessionOur obsession
0.000 0.200 0.400

If you have a Power, Portfolio or Business account, you can set the amount of sharpening on any gallery in your gallery settings. You'll find the three parameters you're probably familiar with (amount, radius and threshold) and an uncommon one, sigma.


Note 1: These settings do not alter your original. Prints are made from your original so increasing unsharp amount can mean your photos will look sharp online but soft in print.

We will use your sharpness preferences if you're a Pro Smugger and sell a 1 Megapixel or 4 Megapixel digital download.

Note 2: When you change sharpness settings, they apply to images you upload after you make the changes. They do not alter past uploads, unless you do something that will cause us to make new display copies, such as rotating photos.

Note 3: Amount is the parameter most often changed.

SmugMug chose .200 for Amount (equivalent to 20% in Photoshop) because we find it usually matches the sharpness of the original, which is our goal. You can see the effects of changing Amount on the examples above.

Note 4: Here's more advanced info on how our parameters compare to Photoshop, and what sigma means.

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