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Can I share photos via email?

Updated: 09/08/2015

You can!

You'll usually find a Share button above or below the photo or video you're viewing, and it'll include an Email option. The email will also include a link your fans can click to see your entire gallery.

Note: Some site owners turn off Easy Sharing in their gallery settings, so you won't see the Share button if they've disabled it.


Click that Share button and select Email from the menu.

After clicking Email, you'll see this:

photo sharing community email

Click the Preview Email button, then click Send Email on the next page when you're ready.

Fancy or Plain?

HTML email looks fancy, like a web page. Most love it, but a few don't.

You can please everyone, however, because SmugMug sends both plain and fancy together so the recipient will automatically see it the way they prefer. Their email program chooses which one to display according to their preferences.

The HTML version is shown when you click the Preview Email button.

Has My Email Been Read?

In Account Settings > Stats > Share Emails, you can see statistics on every email you've sent out, including how many people have viewed each email and how many people have clicked through to see the gallery full of pictures.

Click Details for more info.

photo sharing community email

Do I Have a SmugMug Address Book?

Logged-in SmugMug subscribers can add email addresses to an address book, but we don't support importing addresses from other programs.

Seller account users will find an "Add to SmugMug address book" link at the top of each order in their Sales History.

Your address book will automatically appear to the left of your email draft after you click Share > Email.

Note: Addresses added through Share Emails will automatically be added to your Contacts in your Account Settings.